STARR lighting Bi-Xenon HID lighting set for the H3

STARR lighting Bi-Xenon HID lighting set for the H3

STARR lighting Bi-Xenon HID lighting set for the H3


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The H3 Hummer is a highly capable off-road luxury vehicle, but like the larger H2 and H1 its owners require quality accessories that match there lifestyles and aspirations. The H3 Hummer’s stock halogen lighting system is lacking at best. The STARR H3 Bi-Xenon headlight assembly is a SAE/DOT approved replacement set that uses the latest HID technology to give all H3 Hummer owners the lighting performance, custom look, and luxury appeal that they demand.

With as much as three times the volume of light, you can see potential obstacles much sooner. At highway speeds, HID lights give you up to a full second more time to safely react to road hazards. This equates into saved lives and peace of mind in this family oriented vehicle.

Our high quality xenon gas lighting headlight assemblies draw less power than halogen lamps when on. The projectors allow for a tight beam and sharp cutoff, and Philips-made bulbs and ballasts ensure durable, high-quality electronics life. Assemblies feature extremely durable polycarbonate housing lenses (instead of the PMMA acrylic used by inferior brands) making them stronger and scratch resistant.

Available in black or chrome finish, this set comes with everything needed to step up the H3 Hummer lighting system.

Complete Kit includes:

· left and right headlamp assemblies

· all required bulbs

· complete wiring package as illustrated

· mounting hardware

· instruction manual

· 3 year warranty card

· DOT compliance certificate