Predator Hummer H1 Tripple Lock Torque Converter 6.6 Duramax

Predator Hummer H1 Tripple Lock Torque Converter 6.6 Duramax

Predator Hummer H1 Tripple Lock Torque Converter 6.6 Duramax


Normally: $2,596.00

Product Details

The Predator Triple Lock Torque Converter is designed exclusively for the Alpha 6.6 Durmax H1 Hummer. It will give your Hummer increased HP and Torque to the wheels faster and more reliably then stock. Designed to reduce the stall speed to 1350 RPM which means you will realize full engine power much earlier then the stock torque converter. It's almost like adding a turbo to your turbo! Great for Stock H1's to Raptorq equipped H1's

The Predator Triple Lock torque converter is engineered with a unique high performance, high-load situations, the torque converter bears the brunt of the engine’s force. Inferior torque converter designs can slip excessively, causing the oil to foam and boil, and the front cover to balloon, even rupture. But Predators Triple Lock torque converter was specifically designed to handle the kind of punishment you dish out. Built on our premises in a state-of-the-art transmission facility, our Triple Lock torque converters feature triple the clutch material, furnace brazed fins and our own billet aluminum stator design that maximizes low-speed torque. Tested in applications producing up to 1,000 hp and 1500 ft. lbs. of torque, the Predator Triple Lock Torque Converter is the ultimate in converter technology.

Features Include:

Full Billet Steel Construction in place of cheap steel stamping

3 Disk friction surface with Patented Flank Drive

Stall speed is perfectly matched to engine torque curve for the H1 Hummer

Mixed-Flow stator works with Viscous Clutch Drive maximizing torque multiplication

Fully welded impeller and turbine vane section

Oversized high load thrust bearings in place of plastic washers

The heavy-duty billet cover and three locking discs give you unbeatable lock-up performance.

Billet cover with patented square flank drive

Triple disc CNC laser cut clutch plates

Billet piston

Redesigned spring dampener supports increased torque loads

Fully welded turbine and impeller vanes

CNC stator with high flow windows increase oil flow providing increase efficiency

Full roller bearing construction between high load areas

CNC cut pump drive hub lock into impeller housing and plasma welded for unsurpassed strength