Hummer H1 Predator 6-Piston Big Brake System

Hummer H1 Predator 6-Piston Big Brake System

Hummer H1 Predator 6-Piston Big Brake System


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Product Details

Predator 6-Piston Big Brake System

The Predator Big Brake System was designed and built In-House for the Hummer, H1, HMMWV, GMV, and GMV-S platforms to our exact specifications. We’ve developed this system for the Department of Defense as a final solution to the low quality and over heating OEM brake systems that are potentially deadly in combat environments. Our system proved to be far more superior to the recently redesigned GMV-S system and all other brake systems on the market. This is to the Duramax Conversion of brake systems for the H1 platform!

“Braking distances are greatly decreased as is heat build up. This results in absolutely ZERO brake fade due to less heat transfer from our Combat or C Kit. Temperatures are greatly reduced as a result of an entirely redesigned system.”

The 2-Piece Rotor System is designed to keep the heat centralized by using a 7075 Billet Aluminum Hat. This centralized heat keeps your rotors straight and true. Most rotors warp as a result of a steel integrated hat that draws heat to the head resulting in uneven heat dissipation. Additionally, our rotors utilize a “NASCAR Compound & Internal Veins” which draws in air from the center and produces cooling throughout the rotor dissipating heat. One of the best advantages is we have extremely large rotors in both diameter and width.

“The rotors are “12.25′ in diameter”, which is a full 2.25 larger than the stock 10′ rotors. Which not only allows for an increase in braking leverage, but also thermal heating capacity. Our rotors thickness is also substantially increased from the 0.81 stock size, to a “Massive 1.25′” wider rotor. This increased width, increases the thermal capacity! Meaning that the amount of heat the rotor can effectively handle is highly increased before brake fading or heat transfer occurs to within the calipers.”

Combat Model:

Our Combat model utilizes a 3-Piece piston system which reduces heat transfer to the caliper by as much as 32%. This system is highly recommended for Armored vehicles or when excessive brake abuse is expected with heavy towing.

Caliper Design:

Our calipers are designed for a much larger rotor and produce a stronger and more consistent braking force. Our Calipers feature a 6-Piston Forged Aluminum design. Combat Models have a 3-Piece Piston, which greatly reduce heat transfer and brake fading. Standard OEM Calipers have a 1-Piece Piston. Resulting in higher heat transfer between the brake clippers and rotors.

**Special High Performance brake pad compounds are available. However, the system will ship with our Standard Performance Pads.

Each Kit Includes the Following Items:

6-Piston Brake Calipers

Choice of colors in Red, Black and Desert Tan

Performance Brake Pad Set Front and Rear

Stainless Steel Brake Line Set

12.25″x1.25 2-Piece Internally Vented Rotor

7075 Billet Aluminum Rotor Hats Anodized Black

Billet Steel Caliper Mounts

Rear Parking Brakes

Grade 8 Hardware


Braking Results

Stock 2006 H1 Alpha with 12 Alpha Rotors/Brake System

Weight: estimated at 8,000lbs curb weight

Stopping Surface: Asphalt

60-0 Stop Distance: 152

Note: The Alpha Hummer resulted in brake pulsating upon repeated heavy stops. Brake fade was noticeable upon the second test stop and “substantially increased” with repeated testing.

GMV 2010 with Predator 6-Piston Big Brake System Combat Model:

Weight: 14,500lbs curb weight

Stopping Surface: Hard-pack Dirt

60-0 Stop Distance: 92

Note: The Predator Brake System had absolutely “NO” pulsating and continually felt consistent. Repeated stops showed “NO” differences and “NO” signs of Brake fade. As the brake system warmed up, on the 6th test stop, braking slightly decreased due to the Standard Brake Pad Compound. Additionally, by the 7th test stop, temperatures were measured at a mere 282 degrees Fahrenheit.