ReadyLIFT Hummer H2, 2003-2010 - PAIR OF REAR SHOCKS FOR 1.0"-2.0" Rear Lift

ReadyLIFT Hummer H2, 2003-2010 - PAIR OF REAR SHOCKS FOR 1.0"-2.0" Rear Lift

ReadyLIFT Hummer H2, 2003-2010 - PAIR OF REAR SHOCKS FOR 1.0"-2.0" Rear Lift


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Product Details

SOLD AS PAIRS - 99-3052R shocks for the 2003-2010 Hummer H2 are designed to be used on trucks with 1.0 inch to 2.0 inch Rear Lift.

ReadyLIFT, the company that started a revolution in truck & SUV Leveling now puts you in control of your ride with ReadyLIFT SST Shocks! Featuring the highest quality nitrogen-charged, internal reservoir design and construction, every ReadyLIFT SST9000 Shock is precision-tuned and pair matched to provide the control you need when adding larger tires and wheels to your Jeep, Truck or SUV.

ReadyLIFT SST9000 Shocks are available for most popular makes and models of trucks and SUVs. Each vehicle application has been rigorously tested to develop a unique valving system specific to that vehicle, particularly those vehicles which have a ReadyLIFT leveling or SST Lift Kit installed.

READYLIFT offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all of its products.

ReadyLIFT SST9000 Shocks are not designed for universal - one size fits all use. Every SST9000 Shock and valving is specifically engineered, tested and produced for the intended vehicle make and model application. Years of research and development have led to vehicle specific valving that is optimumly tuned for use on lifted or leveled trucks using larger, heavier wheels and tires. SST9000 Shocks will also work on some factory height vehicles.

99-3052R shocks are for use on truck that have a 1 inch or 2 inch rear lift spacer or have been lifted up to 2 inches from stock.

Low-cost over the counter replacement shocks use factory level shock valving which is exactly why factory shocks can wear out much faster once a larger, heavier wheel and tire combination is installed. That is exactly why the ReadyLIFT shock technicians worked tirelessly to engineer specific valving that accommodates the increased shock cycling dynamics of a vehicle with aftermarket wheels and tires.

Even better news is that the ReadyLIFT SST9000 shocks will enhance your ride! In every application the specific shock valving performance far exceeds that of the factory shock which means your truck will ride, handle and perform better!

Peace of mind guarantee - Just like with performance racing shocks, every SST9000 Shocks is completely rebuildable and revalvable!

Every SST9000 Shock is completely manufactured right here in the United States of America!


•100% Premium Satin Finish Billet Aluminum.
•Clear Anodized Corrosion Resistant Coated Bodies.
•CNC Precision Machined Body & End Mounts.
•Gas / Oil Separated - Eliminates Cavitation. 5/8 Hard Chrome Plated Shaft.
•Rebuildable and Revalvable.Two-Stage Sealing System - Dirt Out, Oil In.
•Nitrogen Charged Internal Chamber.
•Designed For Use On Leveled & Mild Lifted Vehicles.
•Developed For Use With Larger Oversized Wheels and Tires.
•Premium Lucas Synthetic Oil To Insure Maximum Performance.