Xmitter Xtreme Intensity LED 4" Light Bar by Vision X

Xmitter Xtreme Intensity LED 4" Light Bar by Vision X

Xmitter Xtreme Intensity LED 4" Light Bar by Vision X


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Product Details

Vision-X introduces a first in LED lighting technology with its Xmitter LED Light Bar.

Designed for On and Off Road use, each weatherproof low profile light bar produces tremendous light output, with a 12" bar producing 3600 lumens, 100 more lumens than a 35 watt HID while drawing only 4 amps and boasting an astonishing 292,000 hour life span.

Each light bar is manufactured of stainless steel and aluminum for big strength and durability, but measuring in at less than 3" tall and 4" deep, Xmitter Light Bars are perfect for mounting in tight spaces where traditional lights would never fit.

Vision Xmitter Light Bars are available from 6" to 42" lengths and come standard with flat surface and tube mounts and rubber shock isolators. Each mount slides along the lower extrusion to match any existing mounting holes and it allows for horizontal and vertical adjustment, this patent pending technology is nonexistent with any other light! Tubing/roll cage mounts are also available in 1.5", 1.75" and 2" black anodized billet aluminum, sold separately.

According to Joe Biro, National Sales manager, "This new Extreme Intensity LED Technology will blow all other light sources away, and they can take quite a beating; traditional Halogen lights will soon be a thing of the past."

The LED Xmitter bar is ideal for Dirt Bikers, snowmobilers, ATV and other people looking for a light source for their low power ride. The bar will automatically adjust itself to lower amperage so it can even run off a stator on a dirt bike.


• Low Amp Draw
• Instant Light Output
• 200,000 Hour Life
• Small Housing
• Efficient Heat Dissipation Mounting System within the extrusion Aluminum Housing