Hummer Pulstar Pulse Spark Plug Set

Hummer Pulstar Pulse Spark Plug Set

Hummer Pulstar Pulse Spark Plug Set


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Product Details

Pulstar Pulse Plugs are a patented break through in automotive ignition technology that improves fuel economy, increased power and performance while significantly reducing greenhouse gasses.

  • Different than spark plugs
  • How do they work?
  • Fuel Economy
Pulse plugs are a radical departure from spark plugs. For 100 years, spark plugs have remained much the same as they are today generating only 50 watts of peak discharge power. Pulse plugs may look similar to spark plugs on the outside, but inside the technological advances of Pulstar are evident. Pulse plugs feature a unique capacitor-based circuit that captures energy normally wasted by spark plugs and generates a spark with 10 times greater energy than any spark plug.
Pulstar Pulse Plug Daigram
Pulstar makes the electrical circuitry in your ignition system operate more efficiently.
When the ignition signal is sent to a traditional spark plug, it begins to ionize the spark gap. This means that the voltage builds in the gap until a spark can be formed. During this ionization phase, which lasts about 5 millionths of a second, the incoming voltage (which has nowhere to go) heats up ignition components including the spark plug. This is wasted energy. When the ignition voltage overcomes the resistance in the spark gap, the spark is created with an initial discharge of approximately 50 watts. Once created, the spark resides between the electrodes at very low power for over a period of 30 millionths of a second.
Tests at an independent laboratory demonstrate how Pulstar™ pulse plugs burn fuel more efficiently than spark plugs. In this high-speed video (shot at 68,000 frames per second), you can actually see the ignition plume of Pulstar™ growing at more than twice the speed of the spark plug. Pulstar™ generates a much larger spark than spark plugs, which reduces overall burn time and burns the fuel more completely. Once created, the spark dissipates over a period of 30 millionths of a second. This faster fuel burn increases cylinder pressure by as much as 10% allowing the engine to generate the same power with less fuel... better fuel economy.
Manufacturer Guarantee

•Enerpulse offers a 4-point guarantee on Pulstar Pulse Plugs. This means:
  1. You can return the Pulstar pulse plugs for any reason within 30 days, no questions asked.
  2. Pulstar pulse plugs will not harm your engine.
  3. Pulstar pulse plugs will last 50,000 miles.
  4. Pulstar pulse plugs will not void your warranty.